We know what a mistake may cost

Welcome to the most reliable building store. We know what a mistake may cost, and this is why we only provide the most reliable building materials for you.

What do we offer?

In past times there was a rule that every real man should build a house. Of course, now it is considered as an outdated stereotype and modern real man will likely hire professionals than waste his time on building process. However the symbolic power of building as an act of creation, creation of a new life, still lives in our souls. 

Here are the reasons why you should order windows and doors from us:

  • We use only original parts at all the stages of the production and installation. Components are certified with the licenses and by the official suppliers.
  • A wide range of profiles, accessories and services. We can perform almost anything: install windows, balconies and doors, escarping, welding and cladding with insulation. Everyone understands that ordering in one organization is cheaper, quicker and more practical.
  • Warranty for 7 years. Quality production and original components allow us to give full seven-year warranty on our windows and doors. And our service department will ensure the elimination of any of the troubles within a few days after the treatment.
  • Heat Saving. High-quality and properly installed windows and doors reduce heat loss up to 70% compared to the usual wood windows. And for maximum thermal insulation of the windows, we can set you up with the energy-saving double-glazed windows.

Sound Insulation. The main area of the window is occupied by the glass unit, so the quality and materials from which it is made determine the level of the heat and sound insulation of the room.

And it obvious that the better your future house will be, the better new life you will get. To achieve this, the first thing you should think of is building materials. They will be basic elements that will develop your building from the simple to the complete difficulty of modern house comfort. Our store offers all needed ingredients to make you new house - new life - beautiful, high quality and original.

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  • Sasha Baloon 08:36 AM

    Having the distressing experience with some online shops before decided to say ‘’THANK YOU” to all personnel of this store. You are not only friendly, but deliver really good products in the shortest possible terms. In a word, I am absolutely happy with my purchase and the service. Everything was perfect.

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